Interim management


A Team is not a group of people working together.

A Team is a group of people trusting each other.


bridging shortage of personal

Short term bridging of shortages of personal e.g. due to sickness, new tasks or activities, or expansion. Extraordinary activities can create short or medium term excess of work for the permanent staff; with qualified external manpower the permanent staff can be supported temporarily.

My extensive experience can be of great help.


new Focus for the sales team

The sales of technical investment products with high requirement of explanation requires stable sales structures with long term customer loyalty. However: the competitors are not sleeping and becoming stronger everywhere. Therefore new ideas and fresh impulses are important for a flexible adaptation to new requirements.


There is no standard recipe as these are tasks with requirement for specific solutions, adapted to the company structure and culture, the markets served, and the existing customer structure. Principally a wokplan can look like:

  • Analysis of the existing sales structure and distribution channels
  • Analysis of the market requirements in the served markets
  • Development of new ideas and structures, together with the existing sales team and sales management, eg. with internal brainstorming Workshops
    • Sales structures and channels
    • Channels of information, brochures, application sheets, newsletters
    • Planning of exhibitions, roadshows, customer seminars
  • Development of a timeline and implementation of the steps

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You are planning an acquisition of a company or the investment into an existing organization and would like to get independent background information about market position, product portfolio, structure of the company and their sales organization?


That is where I can support and make my long-standing experience in the areas of environmental technologies and monitoring as well as combustion technology available for you.