Life is a life-long learning process.

Stop learning equals to stop developing.

Errors are not at all bad - as long as we learn out of them.

Employees are the most important asset of a company - with good trainings success and satisfaction are increasing.

Presentation and Lecture Training

Fascinating talking, captivating presenting can be learned and trained.

"Stage-fright" is positive - concentration and being perfectly strctured is even better.

  • Single-day Trainings
  • Structure of Lectures and PowerPoint Presentations
  • Basics of good appearance and positive charisma
  • On what do I put my focus?
  • Where do I Pick-up my audience and whereto do I want to take them?





Exhibition Training

Participations in exhibitions and trade fairs are high investments as well as the signboard of the company. The success should be optimized.

  • Training for your staff directly on your exhibition booth.
  • How do I behave in the booth?
  • What kind of Information do I want to get from the visitors to our booth?
  • How do I get qualified Sales Leads?
  • How do I represent my company?
  • Dos and Don'ts




Sales      Training

The Sales Team is the direct contact between the company and the customer - the company's presence in the customer's office and the most important channel of Information from the market to the company.

  • One- or two-day Trainings
  • How to sell successfully?
  • Active listening
  • Listening in-between the lines
  • How to structure the sales visit successfully
  • Waht is more important: my message or the customer?
  • How to convince the customer "to be on my side"?
  • How ro help my customer to become the "hero"?