Successful International Sales requires appreciative inter-cultural Management



  • The European Union is the worldwide second largest economy
  • non-EU countries in Europe are equally interesting
  • stable markets with excellent potential
  • large differences in mentality and how to do business require internal and local experience to be successful


  • Economy with very high growth potential
  • highly dynamic and stable economic power, therefore highly interesting export market
  • worldwide largest democracy with Anglo-Saxon jurisdiction and legal security
  • mentality-wise relatively complex market - requires long standing detailed experience for successful cooperation

Sub-sahara AFRIcA

  • misleadingly quite often not a strategic focus for economical development
  • strategically highly interesting markets with high annual economical growth rates
  • Major differences between developing and very well developed countries requires significant experience for developing and implementation of a successful strategy
  • Networks are higly important

SoutheaST     ASIa

  • stable markets with significant growth potential, however very different political Systems and Business mentalities
  • large differences between highly developed countries and developing countries
  • fossil fuels for power Generation are and will be of significant importance
  • Waste to Energy plants are increasingly important